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WAXIE's Commitment to Commercial Real Estate & Sustainable Solutions

Posted by Briana Smith on Jun 27, 2013 12:30:00 PM
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Looking back on our experiences at the BOMA & CHESC events from this week

Commitment to Commercial Real EstateBOMA - Every Building Conference & Expo - June 23-25, 2013

BOMA (Business Owners and Managers Association) International is an organization of over 90 BOMA associations throughout cities in the U.S., Canada and other international affiliates whose focus is on the commercial real estate industry. Every year they host a conference where manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, etc. get together with business owners and managers on the latest innovations, products and solutions concerning commercial real estate needs.

Eric Keller, WAXIE's Corporate Account Director, shared some of his insights from the show this year, which took place in San Diego, CA.

  • WAXIEapps Workloading BOMA 2013 was awesome! We were able to meet with many property managers & converse on WAXIE's Commercial Real Estate capabilities.
  • Our booth was a big hit at the show demonstrating WAXIE's commitment to commercial real estate cleaning & sustainable solutions. We received numerous compliments from attendees.
  • We were able to show property managers how WAXIE can help them save on labor, materials and money when cleaning via our WAXIEapps for Workloading & Equipment ROI; WAXIEapps are our proprietary consultative software tools that help to determine custodial staffing levels, identify laborsaving alternatives, analyze payback period and ROI, and perform “what-if” scenarios.
  • WAXIE Knows Clean, WAXIE Knows Green, WAXIE Knows Service: Our WAXIE Sanitary Maintenance Consultants can assist Commercial Real Estate Professionals customize solutions for their total facility needs – Breakroom Supplies, Building Site Maintenance, Energy Conservation, Entryway Systems, Office Cleaning Supplies, Recycling Solutions, Restroom Supplies, Water Conservation and more!

Want to learn more of WAXIE's Commercial Real Estate capabilities & solutions for yourself? Visit our CRE Commercial Real Estate page and view our video!

Were you at BOMA 2013? What are your thoughts on the conference? Leave a comment below.

More about BOMA International: http://www.boma.org
WAXIE CRE Commercial Real Estate: http://info.waxie.com/cre/

CHESC Sustainable Solutions

CHESC - California Higher Education Sustainability Conference - June 23-27, 2013

CHESC occurs once a year and brings together people from all segments of California's higher education institutions, including independent/private colleges, California Community Colleges, California State Universities, and the University of California with businesses and organizations who are focused on sustainable solutions specifically for higher education. The conference highlights new technologies, products, trends and education on everything from energy conservation in university housing, transportation within the community, water conservation on campus and more.

Keith Schneringer, WAXIE's Marketing Manager, recounts his experiences from this year's conference, which took place in Santa Barbara, CA.

  • CHESC Eliminating Inefficiency from Waste CHESC 2013 was a great time! We were able to spend time with campus Sustainability Directors, Recycling Coordinators, Facility Managers, Energy Managers, Administrators, Campus Faculty and Students, and engage with them in discussions to better understand how they are incorporating sustainability into their campus operations, and to continue to learn how WAXIE can best partner with them to achieve their overall sustainability goals.
  • WAXIE was a sponsor and participant in the pre-conference California Collegiate Recycling Coalition Workshop Strategies for Communicating Sustainability”, where we were able to showcase our recycling solutions, including the BigBelly Solar Intelligent Waste and Recycling Collection System.
  • WAXIE was also a sponsor and exhibitor for the Conference itself, where we were able to showcase our WAXIE GPS® Green Partner Support program, as well as product solutions in the categories of cleaning (WAXIE Solution Station Chemical Dilution Control System, Bioactive Maintenance Products and LotusPro), hand drying (WAXIE-Green Paper Products and World Hand Dryer) and recycling (BigBelly, Rubbermaid and Ex-Cell).
  • WAXIE also partnered with UC San Diego to make a presentation on the contributions the BigBelly system has made to making campus waste and recyclables collection more efficient – the presentation was part of the “Design for Zero Waste” panel (which also included other great presentations from UC Berkeley and UC Merced), and was made to a full house of attendees – the presentation generated a lot of interest and excitement!
  • UC San Diego and WAXIE presentation was also supplemented by a Poster which was on display for conference attendees to learn about how UC San Diego made their waste and recycling collection more efficient.
  • CHESC Program is also available for download – check out our ad on page 10, an acknowledgement of our event sponsorship on page 19, an overview of our “Design for Zero Waste” presentation on page 33, and our company exhibitor description on page 67!
  • WAXIE “Buzz” from the Conference: BigBelly, Recycling Solutions, Bioactive Maintenance Products and composting.

WAXIE is a leader in sustainable cleaning solutions with our WAXIE GPS® Green Partner Support program, our WAXIE-Green third-party certified products, training support, and green cleaning expertise & consultation.

Sustainability and green cleaning aren't just for higher education institutions. WAXIE can assist you in all of your efforts in creating a more effective and safe cleaning program for your facility. Arrange a Green Cleaning Consultation with one of our Sanitary Maintenance Consultants today.

Do you think that sustainable cleaning is important? Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

California Higher Education Conference: http://www.cahigheredusustainability.org
WAXIE Sustainable Cleaning Solutions: http://info.waxie.com/green/waxie-gps/
UC San Diego and WAXIE Presentation: http://www.waxie.com/Noble-Schneringer_19CHESC-How-UCSD-Eliminated-Ineffeciency-From-Waste-and-Recyclables-Collection-062413.pdf
UC San Diego and WAXIE Poster: http://www.waxie.com/UC-San-Diego-WAXIE-BigBelly-Poster.pdf

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