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LEED EBOM - A Scorecard for More Sustainable Building Operations & Maintenance

Posted by Briana Smith on May 16, 2013 12:30:00 PM
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By: Keith Schneringer, LEED® AP O+M, Marketing Manager, WAXIE Sanitary Supply


Did you say LEED EBOM?

You may have heard of the “LEED® Green Building Rating System” before – and you may have also heard of “LEED EBOM” before. But even so, you may still be asking yourself right now, “What do all those letters stand for again”?


CTA WAXIE GPS Building ViewLEED EBOM – Acronym Explained

LEED = Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – the LEED Green Building Rating System is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings. LEED was developed and created by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) as a way to define a “green building” by establishing a common standard of measurement, and also to serve as a “scorecard” to stimulate green competition (i.e. “is my building greener than yours?”).

LEED EBOM = LEED for Existing Buildings Operations & Maintenance Green Building Rating System – this version of the LEED rating system, as its name implies, focuses exclusively on the operations and maintenance of commercial buildings, with an aim of maximizing operational efficiency while also minimizing environmental impacts.  

While the other LEED rating systems (like LEED for New Construction, or LEED for Commercial Interiors for example) primarily focus on the design and construction/tenant improvements of a building or building space (and the main users of these versions of LEED are building owners, architects, engineers and builders), the LEED EBOM rating system primarily focuses on what happens AFTER everything has been built and the building is being occupied and operated (and the main users of this version of LEED are building owners, property managers and facility managers).


What does LEED EBOM mean to me and my property?

LEED EBOM People Planet ProfitHaving your property earn LEED EBOM certification can potentially provide several benefits to a property and to you as its property manager. These benefits can be highlighted by measuring the impact on your property’s “Triple Bottom Line” of People, Planet, Profit – everybody knows about the “profit” bottom line, but there is a “human health” and “environmental” bottom line to operating and maintaining a building which are important to consider as well.

People: LEED EBOM certification provides third-party recognition that your property has paid attention to workplace wellness and offers a more healthy work environment

Planet: LEED EBOM certification provides third-party recognition that your property has paid attention to the environmental impact of building operations and that it has taken steps to minimize those impacts

Profit: LEED EBOM certification provides third-party recognition that your property has paid attention to maximizing efficiency of building operations and to lowering building operating expenses

LEED EBOM Green LeaseLEED EBOM Certification and the Lease

In some cases, having your property earn LEED EBOM certification could be the difference between a tenant choosing to lease space in your building or perhaps looking elsewhere. Many building tenants are beginning to ask for LEED certified space as part of a “green lease”, and there is a growing list of examples of LEED EBOM Certified buildings throughout the country.

In addition, many building properties are viewing LEED certification as a way of substantiating and promoting the sustainable features of their property – including improved energy & water efficiency, improved indoor environmental quality, and recycling programs.


LEED EBOM Certification and WAXIE

WAXIE has LEED® Accredited Professionals and LEED® Green Associates on staff who can help you determine how a green cleaning program from WAXIE Sanitary Supply can potentially assist you with earning LEED EBOM certification for your property.
For more information on WAXIE's green solutions: www.waxie.com/green 


Keith Schneringer is the Immediate Past President for the Chapter and Founding Chair of the Commercial Real Estate LEED EBOM Committee for the San Diego Green Building Council, and is also a member of the Energy & Sustainability Committee for BOMA San Diego.


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