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Mike Rowe Delivers The Dirt on Laundered Shop Towels!

Posted by Trent Fitzgerald on Sep 29, 2011 2:09:00 PM

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The Problem:
What you don’t know could HURT you! Laundered Shop Towels contain toxic heavy metals so it is time to kick the shop towel habit. Samples of clean laundered shop towels were collected from 26 companies in the U.S. and Canada. The samples were then submitted to an independent lab, which analyzed them for 29 metals and for oil and grease. All of the laundered shop towels were found to contain oil and grease, and elevated levels of metals, such as lead.

The Test Results:

  • Laundered shop towels contain a wide variety of heavy metals; 26 different metals were found on more than 90% of the towels.
  • Metals on the shop towels can get onto hands, then be inadvertently transferred to the mouth and swallowed.
  • Exposure to metals in shop towels may exceed agency health-based criteria.
  • The number of compounds with health-based criteria exceedances is higher in the 2011 evaluation than in the 2003 assessment due to a number of factors including higher detected concentrations and greater towel usage.

The Solution: Wipers!
Wipers are more efficient and offer a viable alternative way to keep workers safe from potentially hazardous irritants. Additionally wipers provide more absorbency than rental shop towels and have proven to be more cost effective. Additionally, wipers offer the following:

  • Performance – Fast absorbing and durable
  • Consistency – Same size and shape every time
  • Convenience – Wide range of dispensing formats
  • Value – No rental charges
  • Safety – No hazardous irritants

WAXIE offers a wide range of wipers to kick dirty towel habit.
440164    WypAll X80 41055 ShopPro        Red Jumbo Roll
440166    WypAll X80 41025 ShopPro        White Jumbo Roll
440167    WypAll X80 41041 ShopPro        Blue Brag* Box
440026    WypAll X80 41048 ShopPro        White Pop-up* Box

For a complete listing of wipers click here to view our online digital flipbook catalog.

Kimberly Clark, who manufacture WypAll ShopPro wipers, has gained a lot of media attention through their “Exposed Campaign”.

For more detailed information regarding the dangers of laundered shop towels follow the link below:


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