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No Job Is Too Big For A Pressure Washer!

Posted by Trent Fitzgerald on Aug 17, 2011 2:21:00 PM

A pressure washer is a machine designed to multiply the pressure output from either a garden hose, or a large water tank and concentrate that water into a pressurized stream for use in high performance cleaning.

WAXIE Pressure Washer
A pressure washer does so by utilizing an electric or gasoline-powered engine to run a highly efficient pump. This pump acts as a compressor and allows the pressure washer to output a concentrated and pressurized stream of water. After running through the pump, the water exits the pressure washer via a hose connected to a long handle that the user controls. A trigger allows the user to spray the pressurized stream in short bursts, or in a continuous spray. The stream’s intensity varies on most pressure washers and is very effective at removing surface grime and dirt. There’s a wide selection of commercial grade, heavy-duty, high pressure cleaning systems with models available that can produce both hot water and cold water output for optimum cleaning efficiency.
Hot Water vs. Cold Water
Hot Water:
Need to remove grease, gum or grime? Hot water cleans faster and deeper than cold water and is especially effective. Hot water pressure washers typically generate a spray of 180 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. While even hotter water is sometimes required (steam), it has been proven that hot water, under pressure, cleans faster and better than steam (low pressure).
Cold Water: Pressure washing with cold water is adequate for some applications. Light-duty cleaning, rinse down work, etc. Hot water will always clean faster, especially where greasy and oily surfaces must be cleaned. The addition of high quality cleaning detergents, which have been formulated especially for pressure washers, will enhance cold water cleaning dramatically.
Outdoors vs. IndoorsWAXIE Pressure Washer Concrete
If you’re operating a pressure washer outdoors, all pressure washers will work for you, including those that run on fuels such as gasoline or diesel. Consequently, your decision making can focus on fuel availability, portability, durability and price. Electrically powered machines do not generally work well in exterior environments.
Indoors: If you’re operating a pressure washer indoors you may be limited to electrically powered units that use only electricity, natural gas or LP (Propane) to heat the water. There are many hot and cold water models that can be operated indoors. Another option for indoor cleaning is to operate a pressure washer outdoors and run the hose indoors.
Your WAXIE Sanitary Maintenance Consultant can provide additional information about pressure washers and make product and equipment recommendations for your specific requirements. Contact us today at (800) 995-4466 or review the Machines & Accessories category in our catalog.


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