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Do You Have A BigBelly?

Posted by Trent Fitzgerald on Aug 9, 2011 4:34:00 PM

A Work Party
On Thursday July 7, there was an Opening Reception for the new Boundless Energy Exhibit at the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla, California – and the BigBelly (and WAXIE) was there!

As a matter of fact, the BigBelly will stay there throughout the duration of the exhibit to serve double duty – as both an ongoing part of the interactive exhibit, and as a functioning waste receptacle.

Part of the Exhibit
The BigBelly Solar Powered Trash Compactor was chosen to be included in the exhibit because it showcases an innovative use for solar power.  (To see how the system works, check out our BigBelly videos page:  http://info.waxie.com/big-belly-videos/ 

The Boundless Energy Exhibit is designed to deepen visitors’ understanding of how renewable energy sources can produce clean electricity, and to showcase innovations that are making this energy increasingly available in the marketplace.

While at the Birch Aquarium, visitors can:

  • Explore renewable energy sources and decide how they would power the future
  • Get energized about new, cool technology that plugs into the power of the planet
  • Fuel their thinking with hands-on activities such as powering a mechanical fish with solar energy, comparing the latest wind turbine innovations, and creating green energy out of the blue at wave tanks and water tables
  • Expend their own “boundless energy” within a dynamic play area for children, where activity drives a kinetic water sculpture
  • Relax and recharge while discovering the sustainable practices in action all over the UC San Diego campus, including Birch Aquarium and Scripps Oceanography
  • Interact with the BigBelly Solar Powered Trash Compactor!

Come Say Hi
The Boundless Energy Exhibit at the Birch Aquarium will be open through 2016 – you can view more information about the exhibit at http://aquarium.ucsd.edu/Exhibits/Boundless_Energy/.

To tell the story of the BigBelly, the following artwork was added to the compactor and recycler.

WAXIE BigBelly resized 600











While there, take your picture next to the BigBelly and email it to us at bigbelly@waxie.com and we will add it to this site!


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