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Posted by WAXIE Buzz on Sep 20, 2018 1:15:00 PM

WAXIE Sanitary Supply Acquires Sac-Val Janitorial Supply

Christopher Saylor, General Manager, Jeff Roberts, President & COO and Mike Midas, Executive Vice President of WAXIE with the Sac-Val team. 


NEWS PROVIDED BY: WAXIE Sanitary Supply, written by Rick Hazard 

September 20, 2018

SACRAMENTO, CA – WAXIE Sanitary Supply is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of Sac-Val Janitorial Sales and Service, Inc., a leading distributor of janitorial supplies in Sacramento, CA and the San Francisco Bay Area.

“We are excited about our three new locations in the State of California as this purchase will strengthen our position in the region,” said Jeff Roberts, President and COO of WAXIE Sanitary Supply.

Under the leadership of President and Owner, Tom Mekeel, Sac-Val has enjoyed a 43-year record of success in the Northern California region. Combined with WAXIE’s 73-years as an industry leader, the two companies are joining forces to establish a stronger presence and service posture.

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Posted by WAXIE Buzz on Sep 6, 2018 11:05:00 AM

Updates to California's Proposition 65 – What You Need to Know

By Keith Schneringer

Proposition 65 – What Is It?

Proposition 65, otherwise known as the “Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986” and frequently referred to as “Prop 65,” is legislation which was passed in 1986 to address the growing concerns of California voters to potential exposures to toxic chemicals in their drinking water and day-to-day life.

This legislation requires the State of California to publish and update annually a list of chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm – and since first being published in 1987 with 30 chemicals, this list has grown to include over 900 chemicals with its most recent update.

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Posted by WAXIE Buzz on Aug 16, 2018 11:15:00 AM

The New WAXIE Web@Work: Updated eCommerce Shopping Platform

By WAXIE Editorial Staff

By now we hope that you've had the chance to check out our newly updated WAXIE Web@Work eCommerce site. As with any change there are learning curves, but our goal is always to develop new and innovative products and programs, while adapting to technological advancements, so that you have the best possible experience when shopping with us.

Previously our desktop & mobile eCommerce platforms had different navigation, features and graphics, whereas this updated version of Web@Work creates a seamless experience whether you are on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

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Solving Problematic Odor Issues in the Restroom

Identifying the Source to Determine the Best Solution

By Briana Smith

Restrooms are notoriously difficult to keep clean -- especially when it comes to odor issues. 

Bad odors can negatively impact the customer experience, particularly in places which receive high foot traffic such as sports arenas, movie theaters, airports, train stations, amusement parks, etc. Perceptions of cleanliness can either increase or deter business, and noxious smells have a way of sticking with you longer, which leaves a bad impression. 

Determining the type and source of the odor problems is key to any solution, as bad scents in restrooms can be caused by numerous things. Thankfully there are many more sustainable options available that are highly effective at solving will these issues.

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Posted by WAXIE Buzz on Jul 19, 2018 10:36:00 AM

The Latest in Cleaning Technology: Lithium-Ion Batteries are Now Powering Cleaning Equipment

By Keith Schneringer

Lithium-Ion Batteries – In Your Phone, In Your Laptop -- and on Mars?

Lithium-ion batteries are seemingly all around us – they are the batteries which power our cell phones, tablets, gaming consoles, laptop computers, and cordless power tools, and they are even being used to power many of the hybrid and full electric vehicles which are increasingly making their way on to our roads.

The technology is even being used in outer space to power NASA’s Mars Rovers (both Spirit and Opportunity, as well as Curiosity) as they explore the terrain and take images of Mars in our ongoing efforts to answer age-old questions about how planets are formed and if there is indeed life beyond Earth!

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Posted by WAXIE Buzz on Jun 28, 2018 10:45:00 AM

Mitigating Rising Labor Costs in the Cleaning Industry

By Keith Schneringer

PART 1-of-2: Minimum Wage Increase – A Hot Topic for the Cleaning Industry

PART 2-of-2: Mitigating Rising Labor Costs in the Cleaning Industry

So what can be done to mitigate these rising labor cost impacts?

In a word: analysis.

A thoughtful approach to analyzing current cleaning products and procedures can assist in identifying potential laborsaving cleaning solutions which can help to mitigate the impacts of rising labor rates.

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Minimum Wage Increase – A Hot Topic for the Cleaning Industry

By Keith Schneringer

PART 1-of-2

Minimum Wage – A Look Back

Minimum wage legislation has been a part of the workplace conversation in the United States since the end of the 19th century – and starting in the late 1800’s, the efforts of workers’ groups, religious leaders, academics, women’s organizations, politicians and other reformers have all played a role in having minimum wage laws passed throughout the United States.

Ultimately a federal minimum wage requirement was passed into law by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in 1938, and today this legislation continues to establish minimum wage and overtime pay, among other standards of employment in both the public and private sector. Depending on where you live, this legislation is potentially supplemented by state laws or local ordinances which may establish a minimum wage rate for workers in that specific state or local jurisdiction which is higher than the federal standard.

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WAXIE Names Kevin Getman Chairman Award Winner for 2017

Left to right: WAXIE Chairman & CEO Charles Wax, Seattle Co-Sales Consultant of the Year, Hannah Cho, and Seattle Co-Sales Consultant of the Year and 2017 Chairman Award Winner, Kevin Getman.


The Chairman Award recognizes one of the nine WAXIE Branch Sales Consultants of the Year as the top overall sales performer.

NEWS PROVIDED BY: WAXIE Sanitary Supply, written by Rick Hazard

SEATTLE, WA, May 11, 2018 – WAXIE Sanitary Supply held a Sales Award Ceremony on February 9th at the beautiful and inspiring Seattle Aquarium located at Pier 59 in downtown Seattle, Washington.

People from all over the Pacific Northwest gathered at the festivities to celebrate several of WAXIE’s regional branch achievements. WAXIE Seattle leadership along with Chairman & CEO, Charles Wax; President & COO, Jeff Roberts; and Executive Vice President of the Intermountain Region, Clint Hunter, paid tribute to the sales accomplishments of the vastly talented teams representing the offices of Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington.

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Posted by Chris Meyer on Apr 25, 2018 11:15:46 AM

WAXIE Guides Beulah Payne Elementary to a Sustainable Waste Diversion Program

The compost, recycling and landfill stations set up by WAXIE and EcoSafe.


WAXIE Sanitary Supply and EcoSafe® Zero Waste partnership reduces Beulah Payne TK-6 Elementary School landfill waste by over 90%

NEWS PROVIDED BY: WAXIE Sanitary Supply, written by Chris Meyer

Inglewood, CA, April 25, 2018 – In a joint effort, EcoSafe National Manager Jason Sanders, EcoSafe Regional Program Manager Daniel Redick, and WAXIE Senior Account Consultant Jeff Kothe worked alongside school staff to drive sustainability efforts at Beulah Payne TK-6 Elementary School in Inglewood, California. The partnership successfully eliminated waste through student education and streamlined waste management.

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