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Outdoor Public Space

Although indoor space recycling has been a common practice for many years, outdoor public space recycling is quickly becoming a common practice amongst businesses, municipalities and state agencies. A well placed recycling bin at the exterior of a building or at the entrance to a park is an indicator to all guests and users that the space they are entering is well maintained, and that the owners of the space are mindful of their environment.

Outdoor recycling receptacles vary greatly and can be differentiated by aesthetics, size and cost. A park or recreation space may include different receptacles than the exterior of a high rise office building. WAXIE can help you determine the best solution for any and all of your recycling needs, and can assist you in building your collection system. Receptacles from different manufacturers can be mixed and matched to fulfill the needs of the customer, or an entire system from one manufacturer can be used for a streamlined look. WAXIE can also help you plan the back end of the recycling program, which includes evaluation of the infrastructure for transportation of the recyclables or compostables to the recycling center.

Ease-of-use is key to any recycling system – especially in a public space where people are on-the-go. If there is an opportunity to recycle or compost instead of adding to a landfill, most users will take it. Signage, placement and availability of receptacles helps to promote a program, and is a step towards accomplishing Zero Waste.