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Cafeteria, Break Room, Food Court

Recycling in a cafeteria, break room, food court or any other common food preparation and consumption area is one of the easiest ways to divert waste from landfills. Plastic, paper and glass are easily disposed of when a company takes a few steps towards an active recycling and composting program.

Placing receptacles next to trash bins, by entry/exit points, throughout the dining hall, and in kitchens can encourage diversion. Recycling and composting can also be used as a challenge for different lunch periods at school or different floors in a student dorm, and can be used as a tool to raise interest and awareness with younger users.

Composting is especially beneficial in areas with a great deal of food waste. Diverting compostables in addition to recyclables from a food prep or consumption area can reduce overall waste and drastically lower the amount that a landfill dumpster is serviced. Diverting food waste to compost can reduce the anaerobic decay of food in landfills, which releases methane and increases global warming.

Several options for composting and recycling containers are available from WAXIE. Single stream and multiple stream units as well as a larger FOR Solutions state-of-the-art, patented aerobic, in-vessel rotary drum technology can be configured to meet the needs of any area that includes food preparation and service.