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Maintenance & Building Services

The Maintenance and Building Services department of any location plays a fundamental role in the ongoing success of a recycling program. No matter what type of facility – office, school, hospital, church, stadium, recreation building or entertainment venue – the Maintenance and Building Services staff need to be involved early on in determining the best way to facilitate the collection and movement of recyclables.

WAXIE offers consultations to ensure that the right assortment of recycling and collection containers are chosen based on the form and function of the facility. Options are available for complete single stream through multiple waste stream solutions for front- and back-of-house products. In addition, WAXIE can consult with the staff on zero waste training and initiatives.

Once the recyclables have been collected, WAXIE offers the dollies, carts, tilt trucks and other material handling solutions needed to move the materials from the point of collection containers to the loading dock collection area or dumpster where they can then be stored in advance of being hauled away by the preferred Recycling Service Contractor.

When it comes to the hauling of recyclables, the preferred Recycling Service Contractor can inform and educate the Facilities Recycling Coordinator on material transport, as well as which materials should be separated from the trash and which recyclables can be mixed together. As part of a service contract, the Recycling Service Contractor may provide collection containers for the facility recycling program. If the contractor does not supply receptacles for collection, WAXIE can provide all the necessary collection components for a successful recycling program at your facility. Tilt trucks, rollout containers, mobile trucks and Front End Loader (FEL) containers are available to contain final waste, organics and recyclable material until they can be picked up by the Recycling Service Contractor.