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Indoor Public Space

Indoor public spaces can range in size from office lobbies and lecture halls to airports and convention centers.

The key to planning for these spaces relies heavily on the initial waste audit, which identifies all of the materials that can be recycled and composted. Understanding the user foot traffic patterns and the surrounding area can also benefit your plan. Which recyclable items are disposed of most often in that particular public space? Is there a coffee cart outside of your office building that uses recyclable or compostable cups? Does the hotel lobby have a vending machine with bottled water? Everything from plastic bottles to food waste is a potentially divertable material depending on the environment that the receptacles are in.

Visibility, signage, placement, and clearly defined receptacles are key to enhancing the practice of recycling in your space. WAXIE has everything from decorative containers to multiple stream setups that help clearly differentiate what items are placed in each bin. Receptacles can be further customized by color and size, and can be fitted with different lids to show which items are accepted (or not accepted) in each bin.