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Online Training Modules

Our Online Training courses engage the learner by providing step-by-step procedural information along with video, visuals, voice-over, and interactive exercises.  Each module takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and are available in English as well as Spanish.  Topics range from restroom cleaning, extracting carpet, to stripping and restoring a floor.

Technical training for cleaning is covered in the following:

  1. Carpet Care (Daily, Interim, & Restorative Carpet Care)
  2. Hard Floor Care (Dust & Mop, Gloss Restoring, Scrub & Recoat, & Strip & Coat)
  3. Restroom Care (Daily & Deep Restroom Care)
  4. Classroom Cleaning (Daily & Periodic Cleaning)
  5. Cafeteria Cleaning (Daily & Periodic Cleaning)

Instant Assessment
Modules have a quick quiz at the end of each session and upon completion and an employee’s progress may be viewed by a supervisor as the employee completes their courses.  Supervisors also have the ability to run reports on their teams and/or quiz results, track learning progress, and download certificates.

Once an employee successfully completes a course,  certificates are available to download from the “Achievements” section of their learning profile.

Review & Reinforcement
The learner may log back into their profile to review any course as many times as desired.  WAXIE University is always on-demand for learning 24/7.

Job Cards
For employees without computer or online access, WAXIE provides Job Cards which review the step-by-step processes in a simple, easy-to-consume format.  These compact booklets are easy to place on a janitor cart for reference.



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