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Asset Protection

How can one efficiently and effectively eliminate everyday severe odor challenges, including tobacco smoke and cannabis odors that cause revenue losses while protecting and providing a clean and safe environment?

The solution is the WAXIE SOLSTA 640 Smoke Away Natural Odor Eliminator.

What Makes Us Different?

WAXIE SOLSTA 640 Smoke Away is a proprietary blend of naturally occurring plant extracts, non-ionic food-grade surfactants and purified water.


In the development of this formula, the goal was not only to eliminate severe odors of all kinds, but more specifically to eliminate severe tobacco and cannabis odors. Over 4,000 known chemical compounds in tobacco and cannabis smoke were investigated and ingredients selected that most effectively eradicate these specific odors.

How does WAXIE SOLSTA 640 Smoke Away work?

Simply put, it works through Absorption rather than Adsorption. Or in other words, it is not the binding of molecules to a surface but rather the molecules enter into a bulk phase and are affected by the solubility of the molecule. So rather than masking odors, 640 Smoke Away absorbs and destroys odors on a molecular level, making it highly effective in eliminating problematic odors in the air, as well as those that have penetrated fabrics, carpeting and other porous surfaces.

Adsorption – binding of molecules to a surface

  • Make contact through electrostatic charges
  • Masking agents stop here


Absorption – molecules enter a bulk phase

  • Odor under control
  • Affected by the solubility of the molecule


WAXIE SOLSTA 640: A Complete Odor Problem Solver

hotel-383952526Ideal for:

  • Hotels and Hospitality – Executive Housekeepers, Housekeeping Staff
  • Healthcare Facilities – EVS & Nursing Staff – Wound Care
  • Education – Janitorial Staff
  • Building Services – Janitorial Staff
  • Auto Rental & Detailing – Fleet Maintenance Staff

Suggested Applications:

  • Space Deodorizing
  • Every Day Odors
  • Severe Smoke & Cannabis Odors
  • Vapor Phase Delivery


Carpet & Upholstery

  • Hot Water Extraction & Bonnet Cleaning
  • Pre-Spray & Post Spray –Hudson Sprayer
  • Spot applications for Pet Urine & Vomit
  • Mop Bucket & Wash Bucket Applications
  • Unsealed grout in restrooms
  • Deodorizing spaces with history of severe odor
  • Mop heads


  • Uniforms, microfibers, linens, pool towels, soiled linen room
  • Drains
  • Provide relief of odor gases in problem drains
  • Charging buckets/trays (Acute & Long Term Care)
  • Applied with microfiber flat mops
  • Trash receptacles & biohazard containers
The WAXIE Solution Station 640 Smoke Away Natural Odor Eliminator chemical diluted solution contains no harmful VOC’s, alcohol or fragrances, and is safe to use in any commercial environment. It is engineered with a unique and simple formula based on a proprietary blend of natural plant oils, food-grade surfactant and water. At a 1:​16 (8 ounces per gallon) dilution ratio, this product is both safe and economical to use on a daily basis to maintain an odor free environment. There are three WAXIE dilution control dispensers available for precise and accurate diluting of this product. WAXIE SOLSTA NEXGEN, FDC and PDC dispensers. This closed loop system ensures end user cost per useable gallon, making it an extremely cost-effective solution.

Product Applicators

Triggers sprayers, pump-up sprayers, foggers, misters, mop buckets, carpet extractors, washing machines, and for maximum coverage and efficiency, use in conjunction with the WAXIE Dry Vapor Smoke & Odor Eliminator & Dry Vapor System DVS25.

Key Features & Benefits of the WAXIE Dry Vapor Machine

  • Broad Spectrum Odor Elimination: Smoke, soot, mildew, trauma scene, skunk, dead rodents, sewage, fuel oil, food (ex: curry), vomit, feces & urine
  • Mobile: Easily moves between hotel rooms, rental properties or around a restoration job site. Side-mounted lift handles for easily moving in and out of transportation vehicles.
  • Easy to Use & Operate: Remove the fill tube cap and fill tank with 2 gallons of RTU solution, plug in and turn on.
  • Safe: The chemical & equipment are safer to use than Ozone Generators and faster than a Hydroxyl Generator. No need to evacuate the area being treated while the unit is in use.


See the WAXIE Dry Vapor Smoke & Odor Eliminator



WAXIE Dry Vapor Smoke & Odor Eliminator
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OMI Dry Vapor System DVS25
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WAXIE Solution Station 640 Smoke Away Natural Odor Eliminator
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Click here to download the WAXIE SOLSTA 640 SMOKE AWAY NATURAL ODOR ELIMINATOR product specification sheet.

If you want to maximize your profits and protect your assets, please call your local WAXIE branch at 800-995-4466 for a free hands on demonstration of this amazing system.

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