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Selecting the Right Receptacles to Implement a Successful Waste Diversion & Recycling Program

Waste, Recycling and Compost receptacles are an important part of Step 5 of the WAXIE RE6 Building Re-entry plan since having the right size, quantity and configuration of receptacles can help limit exposure to dangerous pathogens while maintaining a clean appearance inside your facility.

wasteWaste Generation on the Rise During the Pandemic

The amount of trash generated since the beginning of the pandemic has increased exponentially due to consumption of single use items such as PPE, utensils, and disposable tableware and will continue to grow as long as the pandemic is still a threat. According to a recent article from Science magazine “If the global population adheres to a standard of one disposable face mask per day after lockdowns end, the pandemic could result in a monthly global consumption and waste of 129 billion face masks and 65 billion gloves”. To offset this increase in trash, it is imperative to add sustainable practices such as implementing a recycling and waste diversion program.

Download the Waste Diversion & Recycling Brochure

Increased Need for Receptacles

As we reopen, many facilities are choosing to keep their cafeterias and breakrooms closed to enforce social distancing. Since there is no longer a centralized place to dispose of trash, recycling and compost material, there is an increased need for strategically placed waste stations throughout a facility. There are many different options available from small personal desk containers and side bins and touch-free step-on cans, to larger stations that can be configured to hold any combination of trash, recycling, and compost.

choicesRecommended Options

Including color-coded receptacles and easy to understand waste stream labels can improve recycling rates by providing a consistent and easy to use recycling process for students and custodial staff.

View many of our waste receptacle options here including the Rubbermaid Brute, Slim Jim and Configure receptacles.

Download the Rubbermaid Recycling Solutions Brochure

Download the Ex-Cell Kaiser Brochure

As employees and students begin to return to your facilities, there may be a need for flexibility in your waste diversion and recycling program. Flex E by CleanRiver allows you to customize your bins and switch from a single stream to a double stream in a snap!

Download the CleanRiver Flex E Bin Brochure

To keep liquid contaminants separate from your waste or recycling content, consider adding PourAway to trash and recycling receptacles in your facility.

Download the Pour-Away Liquid Recycling Brochure

Selecting the Right Can Liner

An important key to implementing a new waste diversion and recycling program is using the Right-Size can liner for your new receptacles. A properly sized can liner reduces the amount of plastic used, promotes product consolidation and ensures the correct match between liner and can.

Download the DuraStar Can Liner Brochure

Consider switching your traditional liners to a more sustainable liner that uses post-consumer recycled content and has a reduced reliance on petrochemical ingredients.

Download the WAXIE Green Can Liner Brochure

When adding composting stations to your recycling and waste diversion program, consider adding compostable can liners for a complete composting solution.

Download the Heritage BioTuf Compostable Liner Brochure