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Intellibot Robots – The Future of Floor Cleaning

Robots have been a part of our consciousness and culture since the dawn of the Space Age – and characters like the B9 Robot from Lost in Space, Gigantor the Space Age Robot, Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons, R2-D2 from Star Wars, and even WALL-E and M-O have all provided the promise of robots which have been created to perform tasks which help people.

Robots have been an integral component of manufacturing factories for many years, and now robots can also be found analyzing documents, filling prescriptions and doing other tasks which can be considered predictable and repetitive. These robots perform these tasks so that people who are in essence their “co-workers” can be freed up to get other important work completed.

And now the time has come for robots to make their contribution to the cleaning industry. Enter the Intellibot, the first robotic cleaning machine which represents the next innovation in the future of floor cleaning.

Download the Aerobot 1850 brochure here

Download the Swingobot 1650 brochure here


The TASKI Intellibot from Sealed Air DiverseyCare helps to save labor, to increase productivity, and to deliver a more consistent and higher level of cleanliness. In addition to providing each of these benefits, the Intellibot is also “connected” and “smart”, with its Intelli-Trak™ wireless reporting system providing analytics and information which sends performance reports and allows for remote diagnostics and repairs.

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