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No-Touch Soap Dispensers – Now With No-Hassle Battery-On-The Refill Technology

No-touch dispensing technology has been a great advance in the hand hygiene category – and this technology has been successfully applied to every facet of hand washing, from hand towel dispensers to faucets to hand soap dispensers.

Benefits of No-Touch Dispensers – What’s Not To Like?

The benefits of no-touch dispensers are numerous, and as a result, the technology is now widely accepted. Some of the more notable benefits of no-touch dispensing technology include:

  • Modern design and function help to increase attention, and thereby increase hand hygiene
  • No-touch functionality makes using dispenser easier to use, especially for individuals who have a challenge to reach dispenser over a restroom countertop
  • Standardized portion dispensing helps control costs
  • Germ transfer from a common contact point is eliminated since there is no need to touch the dispenser
So with all of these benefits, why aren’t no-touch dispensers in every restroom? One of the primary reasons no-touch dispensers aren’t placed in every restroom – and one of the downsides typically referenced in facilities which do have no-touch dispensers installed – is related to battery maintenance.

Battery Maintenance Hassles

The reality is that batteries do wear out over time. Replacing a battery for a single dispenser every once in a while doesn’t seem like that much of a burden. But if a facility has hundreds or even thousands of dispensers, it can become time consuming and costly to change every single battery out when needed.

Even though the benefits of a no-touch dispensing system outweigh the hassles, when you factor in the replacement time, battery cost and battery disposal it does make you wonder if there could be a better way.

The Next Step in No-Touch Technology

The new WAXIE Select™ No-Touch Handwash System Dispensers are now available with battery-on-the-refill technology.

What does that mean?

It means that each time a soap refill is replaced, a fresh new battery is included. Each new refill comes with its own energy source, a coin cell battery that’s integrated into the refill! When the empty soap refill is replaced, fresh new soap product and fresh new energy is added with one simple step.
In addition, backup power inside the dispenser provides added assurance that the soap dispenser will continue to perform at a high level over time, even with extreme high frequency usage. Once the refill is empty, the PET bottle and refill components are easy to disassemble and recycle – including the battery!
If you’re interested in learning more about this exciting new breakthrough technology in no-touch dispensing, please contact your WAXIE Account Consultant.