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To Do Well, Students Have to Be Well


This program from KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* delivers effective solutions designed to break the cycle of illness at school.
It’s an easy way to motivate students, teachers and staff to practice good hand hygiene – and be aware of the germs around them. The result can be reduced absenteeism and a healthier environment for all of your students and staff.


Why it works:HYGIENIFY! Wash, wipe, sanitize

  • Simple to implement – with materials and product solutions designed for each education level
  • Easy and engaging – based on the HYGIENIFY!* wash, wipe, sanitize protocol
  • Easy to fund – leveraging your existing facilities budget for more than just supplies

Creating A Healthy Continuum
Good hygiene habits should begin early and be reinforced throughout a child’s education. That’s why The Healthy Schools Project* addresses students at every level – starting in kindergarten and continuing through college.



Proven Results:
Schools piloting The Healthy Schools Project* showed an average hot spot germ count reduction of 59%.


A recent study conducted by KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* identfied the most contaminated surfaces in schools, which we refer to as “hot spots.”

The Healthy Schools Project Hot Spots