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WAXIE Clean Touch™ Foam Soap Systems

Bold Advantages

The attractive new WAXIE Clean Touch™ LX Touch Free Dispensing System and WAXIE Clean Touch™ Manual Dispensing System offer smart customer advantages such as durability, ease of servicing and enhanced sustainability features. The large windows, clear refill bottles and bright, bold soap colors allow at-a-glance monitoring of content levels. Use with confidence – both of these soap and hand sanitizer systems are backed by a Lifetime Performance Guarantee.


Foam Soaps with Sensory Appeal

These foam soap formulations are appealing to the eye, soothing to the touch and nourishing to the skin. Moisturizers, natural extracts and skin conditioners were added for an inviting handwashing experience. The portfolio offers aromatic botanical scents as well as fragrance-free, dye-free and green certified formulations.

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Don't forget your Pal when hand sanitizing

Dependable & Easy to Service

Bold Advantages to Hand Hygiene Solutions

Easy to Recycle
Durable, Recyclable Refills – Constructed of rugged PET material, the SMART-FLEX™ bottles are crystal clear and use 30% less material than rigid HDPE bottles. Easy Recyclability – Just remove the pump in a single step. The rest of the refill recycles easily.

Contamination-Free Product
Bulk soaps can become contaminated by bacteria from the environment. Our refills are SANITARY SEALED™ at the factory to cut contamination risk.

Dual Locking Options
LOCK OR NOT™ technology expands security choice. Open the cabinet via side latches, or by removing the key, make it a locking cabinet.

Easy Maintenance
The expanded view and clear refill bottles make it easy to know when to change the refill.

Lasting Aesthetic Appeal
With patent pending CONTROLLED COLLAPSE technology, our refill bottles are engineered to keep their shape and appearance, and continue to look services even as they empty.

Size Options
Choose from the 1200 ml and 1250 ml systems for high-volume needs or the compact 700 ml dispensers when space is tight. All sizes are fully ADA compliant.