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Slips and Falls Are the #1 Safety Problem in Facilities Today

According to an article in Cleaning & Management entitled, Slip-and-Fall Accidents: Liability and Prevention Issues You Should Know*, “More than one million slip-and-fall accidents occur in the United States each year. They are the number one reason people go to a hospital emergency room, and 17,000 people die each year from these accidents.”

The National Safety Council rates slips and falls in food preparation areas as most frequently reported accident with more than $1.2 Billion in liability costs and hundreds of millions more are spent in extra Premium costs every year.

Slip-and-fall accidents result in thousands of costly lawsuits each year. So what can be done to prevent or minimize slips and falls and protect your company from lawsuits? The prevention of slips and falls does not happen by accident. It requires a well- designed plan.


WAXIE Sur-Step Anti-Slip Floor Cleaning and Treatment Systemsurstep-bigger.png

The WAXIE Sur-Step Anti-Slip Floor Cleaning and Treatment System provides customers with just that type of plan. While it is unlikely that you can eliminate slips, trips, and falls, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce the number of incidents as well as the severity of the injuries that occur.

The WAXIE system provides the following components to a comprehensive program to provide a working environment that is as safe as possible.

  • Commitment by management to reduce slips and falls through their approval of floor care products that have been designed to clean while providing safe and stable flooring surfaces throughout the facility

WAXIE has specifically formulated products that are scientifically proven for maintaining floor surfaces while reducing slips and falls. Our formulas not only attack organic soils but also have the unique ability through chemistry to break down and eliminate inorganic soils (alkalines, soaps, carbonates, silicas, minerals, and calcium) which need to be removed to complete the cleaning cycle and restore the floor surface to its original slip resistant condition.Training of all employees to look for and eliminate potential slip and fall hazards is also an important process of the program.

WAXIE’s Floor Safety Inspection Report provides both a physical and visual inspection report of all floor surfaces within a facility to identify potential slip and fall hazards.

  • Educating the maintenance staff on the products that will be used to help reduce the potential for slip-falls throughout the facility
  • Documentation of daily cleaning procedures, that are performed by trained personnel. Imperative for supporting the proactive work that is being done to keep the facility floors safe

Before WAXIE Sur-Step Application

Floor pores are clogged with organic and inorganic soils


After WAXIE Sur-Step Application

Floor pores are clean and floor is restored to original slip resistant condition



WAXIE’s Floor Safety Maintenance Log is used for the documentation of not only what was used and where, but also the frequency of applications. This is a critical element in mitigating lawsuits.

  • Certified products should only be used on all floor surfaces, insuring proper slip-fall prevention, while insuring that the surfaces are clean. Certifications: UL 410 (SCOF) or ANSI A137.1 (DCOF)

All WAXIE Sur-Step products have been tested to the new wet standard ANSI A137.42 (0.42 DCOF) and certified by an independent third party, licensed and approved by the State of California for testing slip resistance of flooring, using the BOT-3000E digital tribometer using SBR rubber slider and 0.05% SLS water solution. Certified test data available upon request. Our products are considered High-Traction.

  • Maintenance procedures should be followed according to plan: Dust mopping frequently, maintaining walk-off mats, proper signage (wet floor, etc.), spot mopping spills and weather related wet hazards immediately, using anti-slip cleaner-treatments.

WAXIE can assist with all of these commonsense maintenance products and procedures and when they are followed, you can reduce the number of incidents as well as the severity of the injuries that do occur.

By taking a proactive floor care safety program, like our WAXIE Sur-Step Anti-Slip Floor Cleaning and Treatment System, several immediate benefits occur:

  • Substantially lowers the risks and potentials for slips and falls in the workplace
  • Provides a permanent and effective floor safety program to present to liability insurance companies
  • Improves floor safety, cleanliness, and sanitation
  • Creates a line of defense against injury claims and lawsuits by providing a definite and responsible prevention plan which can defend against claims of negligence and irresponsibility

Are slips and falls an on-going concern in you facility? Request a demo from one of our experts.