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Cleaning your facility’s outside windows with traditional squeegees and washers is a much needed but often neglected task for many reasons. Including:

  • Dangerous ladder use creates safety and insurance obstacles and concerns
  • Renting lifts and ladders are expensive and decrease return on investment
  • High outsourcing costs for hiring professional window cleaners
  • Cleaning chemicals required to get the dirt off leave spots and streaks
There is a better, safer and faster way: pure water cleaning.

Pure water cleaning systems are a combination of pure water filters and lightweight water fed poles that reach up to 55’ (5 stories). 

Pure water is tap water that has been stripped of naturally occurring minerals. The minerals in the water are measured using total dissolved solids (TDS). Once the minerals are removed using processes of deionization, reverse osmosis, or a combination of filters, the water dries spot-free leaving surfaces professionally clean without the use of any soap or chemical additives.

Water in its purest form (rainwater, depending on pollution) has zero Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in it. Pure mineral free water naturally wants to bond with minerals, dirt, and organic material.

Pairing pure filtered water with light weight modular and/or telescopic water fed poles (weighing around 6 lbs. up to 55’) is a safer and high ROI method to clean exterior windows. Hi-modulus carbon fiber poles are the lightest and easiest to control due to their rigidity. The top of the pole features a nylon monofilament flocked bristle or boars hair brush head with a combination of jets that let out a constant supply of pure water.

Purified water travels up the pole through a thin hose to the brush. The window is cleaned by agitating the dirt on the glass and window frames with the brush. The pure water acts as the lubricant to break the bond between the dirt and the glass and once the glass is cleaned, a pure water rinse is used and all contaminants are removed. Glass is left streak and spot free with no mineral deposits left behind. Additionally, these systems can be used in the rain as rainfall will not re-activate any soap residue that causes white rain spots.

Having this innovative system, and knowing how touse it safely, is a highly valuable option to consider – especially if you are a property manager looking for safer and less expensive ways to keep your building’s windows maintained. Pure water cleaning systems are also great to use for cleaning solar panels and building facades.

Advantages of a water fed pole (WFP) system include:

Windows and frames are cleaned at the same time, unlike traditional squeegee methods 

  • Reaches windows and heights where it is too dangerous to place a ladder
  • Keeps employees safely on the ground, minimizing risk of injury.
  • Cuts the time to get the job done by about 60%!

Utilizing a pure water system with high access, lightweight poles realizes a swift return on investment. Professional window cleaning prices are high to mitigate the risk of using ladders, and renting expensive lifts while using traditional window cleaning techniques takes up to 60% longer than Water Fed Pole Systems. All of these issues are virtually eliminated with the implementation of a pure water window cleaning program.

For a recommendation on a Pure Water cleaning system that would work best for your facility please call your local WAXIE Sanitary Supply at (800) 995-4466. One of WAXIE’s Account Consultants will be happy to provide a no cost site survey for your Pure Water Cleaning and other facility equipment cleaning needs.

Reference material: Unger Global

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Pure Water Cleaning