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Floor Matting Overview

Scraper Mats - A commercial sized scraper mat is your first line of defense when protecting your floors and workplace. Typically the scraper mat is made from a durable material that has a textured top surface that provides an aggressive scraping action. To be the most effective your scraper floor mats should be placed outside the entrance to remove heavy soil from the feet of people entering your building.

Scraper/Wiper Mats - A scraper/wiper entry mat can help to eliminate most dirt, dust and soil from being tracked into your commercial building. Multi-directional brushing action of textured top surface removes dirt and moisture. Made from a durable material similar to the entrance scraper mat, you can expect a dramatic improvement in the life duration of your expensive flooring. Wiper/scraper mats should be used inside the front door or outside.

Wiper Mats - Commercial wiper mats, when used in a proper matting program along with scraper and scraper/wiper mats, can drastically improve the appearance and life of flooring. This being the third line of defense, in regards to matting, has incredible dust retention properties and contributes to improving the air quality and cleanliness of your facility. The positively charged microfibers attract hair, lint, dust and more from polluting the air. Wiper matting holds liquid and filth to save you on labor and time cleaning your floors.

Anti-Fatigue Mats - It is reported that 83% of industrial workers suffer from foot, leg and back pain at one time or another. Anti-fatigue matting has been proven to actually change the chemistry of the lower body, reducing lactic acid buildup by keeping muscles active. This translates into less strain and pain, better employee morale and attendance, and lower workers’ compensation claims.

Safety Mats - Slips and falls are the #1 cause of injury in almost every setting. Slip-resistant surfaces, bright colors, beveled edges and static dissipation improve safety, saving you money and trouble. Protect workers, guests and customers from risk with properly placed safety mats.



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