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In-Room Guest Amenities

In-room guest amenity satisfaction is deemed an essential component to the total guest experience of your properties. Are you looking to upgrade and create an unforgettable in-room experience for your guests?

WAXIE Sanitary Supply, through our partnership with World Amenities, a recognized world leader and supplier of affordable, high quality in-room guest amenities, can help you provide just such an experience. Many times, our high quality stock programs can meet the needs of your guests. If not, our combined expertise can help build a customized program to meet the expectations and needs of your clientele and enhance the overall in-room experience.

These lines include:

Top of the Line Luxury – The bodyography® Collection Robanda_SurfaceGroup_Bodyography-copy
A hand-made collection made with skincare & mineral formulas creating a luxurious experience and infused with lifelong skincare benefits. They are rejuvenating and revitalizing, which leaves you refreshed and renewed. This collection appeals to the most discerning properties, especially those looking to pamper their guests and create an unforgettable in-room experience. All ingredients are vegan, gluten & paraben-free with a finishing touch of an invigorating yet subtle Lavender-Peppermint fragrance. The entire collection comes from our global brand, Bodyography Professional Skincare & Cosmetics® and provides a decadent option for top-of-the-line luxury for your guests. 


Elite Luxury – The EST.™ Collection World-Amenities_SurfaceGroup_EST10oz
Chic, modern & luxurious for the business elite. This collection has been created for all of the luxurious resort, boutique and high-end hotel establishments (hence EST!) in mind. The formulations are incredibly high quality; fragrance is a beautiful Grapefruit-Bergamot made with all natural oils, and products offer sleek, modern and elegant packaging and design. This collection offers incredible products with attention to detail being seen in every aspect from fragrance, look and overall amenity experience – the EST. Collection is the only option when seeking elegance for your property and discerning guests.


Sustainable Luxury – The Ecorite™ Collection
The perfect blend of cool, calming, sweet and tropical. The refreshing crisp scent of Cucumber infused with the uplifting sweet aroma of a freshly cut Honeydew. This collection has been created to appeal to hotels and resorts looking to source a more sustainable option to provide an elite level product with the world’s environment in mind. The entire range is created using high quality, biodegradable, paraben-free formulas with essential oils, offered in 100% recyclable packaging – the Ecorite Collection provides an attractive option of sustainable luxury for your guests and the environment alike.


Modern Luxury – The NXT.GEN Collection Robanda_SurfaceGroup_NXTGEN-sm
For the Millennials and the NXT Generation; a hip, trendy collection made with all natural oils and ingredients with a sweet cleansing fragrance of Matcha Green Tea, creating a memorable guest experience. This collection has been created to appeal to the independent, boutique properties, especially those looking to embrace a more modern look. This offering features high grade spa-quality products; created with clean, gluten and paraben-free ingredients. Sleek and eye catching with a Matcha Green Tea fragrance – the NXT. GEN Collection provides an option of modern luxury for your guests to enjoy time, and time again.


Robanda_SurfaceGroup_Eliganti-smAffordable Luxury – The Eliganti™ Collection
Progettato en Italia – Designed and formulated in Italy, inspired by the rich sophistication of mid-century Europe, classic, clean & rich in the essences of Rosemary and Mint. The Eliganti Collection is an elegant and appealing option of affordable luxury for your guests.

These luxurious product lines also offer the following additional benefits:

  • • All liquid formulas are free of parabens, CDEA, and phthalates
  • • All soaps are 100% vegetable-based, talc free and biodegradable
  • • All products are packaged in recyclable packaging, and are never tested on animals


In addition, we offer "The Necessities" Collectionamenities-set-new-wipes-w-shoeshine-sm
A selection to your guests’ away from home needs – whether it be a pair of slippers, a shaving kit, a dental kit or a hair dryer. Those little, simple items that help your guests to feel more at home during their stay.




No matter the décor or clientele of your property, WAXIE has a solution to fit your guests’ away from home needs and ensures your guests truly enjoy their away from home experience while staying at your property!

Consult with your WAXIE sanitary maintenance consultant for available programs and details about available customized programs.

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