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Features and benefits by utilizing the WAXIE-Green floor care program:

  • Durability: This technology has proven equal or superior to ALL conventional floor finishes including urethane coatings in third party testing.
  • Chemical resistance: Salt and de-icers have little effect on the finishes and they have a high resistance to hot coffee and are more resistant to IPA based sanitizers than conventional coatings.
  • Hardness: Using a Koenig Hardness meter, testing has shown WAXIE-Green film hardness actually increases to 20%, within a month or more, through regular cleaning with WAXIE-Green Maravilloso Neutral Cleaner within a month This is a first in floor care.
  • Coverage: Customers are experiencing a 30% reduction in floor finish product consumption. By applying thin coats, coverage can be as much as 3,000 sq.ft+.
  • Water/Detergent Resistance: 3rd party lab testing shows significantly better results than leading national conventional (metal inter-lock), low maintenance finishes.
  • Black Heel Marks: 3rd party lab testing confirms equivalent or better results to leading national conventional (metal inter-lock), low maintenance finishes.
  • Film Clarity: Perfectly clear, transparent, non-yellowing films.
  • Completely odorless formulas.


What is The Purpose of Green Cleaning?

Impacts on human health

  • Professional housekeepers
  • Building occupants
  • Visitors

Impacts on the environment

  • Indoor air quality
  • Atmosphere, soil, water, wildlife

WAXIE -Green Product Criteria

  • Cleaning Products must be safe for the custodial staff & building tenants
  • Bio-based ingredients
  • Third Party Certified
  • It must perform as well as conventional type products
  • Must be comparable in cost
  • Concentrated for Source reduction



Understanding the technology

  • Conventional polymers cross-linked with zinc. Strong bond gives durability and removability
  • Traditional ‘Green’ polymers cross-linked with calcium which has a weaker metallic bond than zinc
  • iXt, has no metal ion, bonds along the length of the huge co-polymer molecules
  • Hundreds of nano-level bonds rather than one metal cross-linked bond
  • Bond strength and the number of bonds increase over time, based on conditions


WAXIE-Green finishes are Sustainable TOO!

  • Third Party Certified: EcoLogo & Green Seal Certified
  • No Heavy Metals
  • No Formaldehyde
  • No Urethane
  • Exceeds All VOC Standards – Carb compliant
  • Ultra Durable/Less Stripping/Less cycles/ Less Effluent
  • Completely Odorless 


933003 GL & 933004 DM WAXIE-Green Advantage Plus

933005 GL & 933006 DM WAXIE-Green Armor II 

WAXIE-Green Floor Stripper  

WAXIE-Green Enhancer Floor Finish Cleaner Maintainer 

WAXIE-Green Maravilloso Neutral Cleaner/Degreaser

Rubbermaid HYGEN™Microfiber Floor Finish System