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Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability has emerged as a global theme of the 21st century – it is a concept that balances the interconnectedness of the environment, the economy and our quality of life, and that recognizes the importance of our stewardship over each.


Pledge to Sustainability

WAXIE Sanitary Supply is committed to being a leader to promote responsible business practices that support sustainable communities which are secure, economically prosperous, environmentally responsible and healthy places in which to live and work.

WAXIE shares the goal of establishing partnerships to advance education, communication, business best practices, policies, research, technologies and programs to support a more sustainable region for all generations.

WAXIE is committed to adopting more sustainable business practices for the company, and to partnering with its stakeholders to identify and implement the most effective facility maintenance solutions to protect and enhance the triple bottom line of human health, environmental stewardship, and economic prosperity.


For a selected list of some of WAXIE’s more notable accomplishments and activities on the path to sustainability, please download the WAXIE Commitment to Sustainability PDF Brochure.