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Microfiber Dusting & Cleaning Cloths
Excellent cleaning for any surface including countertops, porcelain, chrome, glass and wood; excellent for washroom cleaning. Can be used when dampened with water, cleaning solution, or even dry. Each cloth with lift and trap lint, dust particles, dirt, grease, grime, waxes and oily residue. Prevent cross-contamination with color-coding. Can be laundered hundreds of times.


#652180 dz/cs 12" x 12" Blue All-Purpose Microfiber
#652181 dz/cs 12" x 12" Green All-Purpose Microfiber
#652182 dz/cs 12" x 12" Yellow All-Purpose Microfiber
#652183 dz/cs 12" x 12" Red All-Purpose Microfiber
#770400 dz/cs 16" x 16" Blue All-Purpose Microfiber
#770401 dz/cs 16" x 16" Green All-Purpose Microfiber
#770402 dz/cs 16" x 16" Pink All-Purpose Microfiber
#770403 dz/cs 16" x 16" Yellow All-Purpose Microfiber
#770404 dz/cs 16" x 16" Purple All-Purpose Microfiber
#770505 dz/cs 16" x 16" Red All-Purpose Microfiber
#770410 dz/cs 16" x 16" Blue Suede Glass Cloth

*770410 Blue Suede Cloth is specially designed and knitted for cleaning glass and dust, and can be laundered extensively



Microfiber Dusters


Microfiber High Duster
The Blue Microfiber Duster Cover contains a velcro side opening to keep the duster cover firmly in place.The duster cover gathers dust electro-statically and can be removed to be laundered hundreds of times. For use with the Microfiber High Duster Wand. The High Duster Wand has a total reach of 28". The 6" wand handle can be removed and a 71" Telescopic Aluminum Handle (#652122) affixed to reach higher areas. Handle features a hanging hole for easy storage. Wand is constructed of a bendable stainless steel blade surrounded with foam and a double stitched non-woven fabric for durabilityGreen Dusting Sleeve fits over a lamb's wool duster head. Holds dirt and dusts more effectively. Ideal for broad, flat surface dusting.

#180012 each 3.5" x 21.5" Blue Duster Cover
#180013 each 2.5" x 29" Gray Duster Wand
#770325 each 2.5" x 75" Green Dusting Sleeve





microfiber-split-strand-dusterMicrofiber Split Strand Duster
Duster head is 100% microfiber with split strands that grab and hold dust and dirt better than traditional dusting tools. Microfiber dusters are safe to use on delicate items as they will not scratch. Duster head can be rinsed of dust and dirt and will air dry. Duster with Extendable Handle can extend from 33" to 45" for high reaching.

#180212 each 16" Yellow Hand Held Duster
#180213 each 2.5" x 29" Yellow Duster with Extendable Handle







Microfiber Dusting Glove
Double faced one-size-fits-all glove is soft, non-abrasive and lint free. Highly absorbent, they are excellent for hard to reach surface areas for general dusting and cleaning. Gloves are constructed from 70% polyester and 30% polyamide synthetic fibers. Can be machine washed hundreds of times. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners as they can diminish the effectiveness of the microfiber. Air dry or use low machine settings to protect polyester and polyamide fibers. 180 per case.

#770420 ea/cs


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