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Microfiber Dry Mops

Made from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide synthetic fibers, these dry mop pads will pick up dirt, dust and trash electrostatically and do not require any spray treatment. These dry mop pads contain a microfiber filler which is more resistant to bacteria than other foam-filled microfiber dry mops. Velcro backed pads fit easily onto the corresponding Lockable Aluminum/Plastic Mop Head Frame and 71" Telescopic Aluminum Handle. Can be machine washed hundreds of times. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners as they can diminish the effectiveness of the microfiber. Air dry or use low machine settings to protect polyester and polyamide fibers.


microfiber-dust-mops*Canvas backing is for use on traditional dust mop bases, and hook-and-loop has Velcro backing for use with microfiber bases.

#652213 ea/dz 18" Gray/Yellow Canvas Back
#652101 ea/dz 24" Gray/Green Canvas Back
#652102 ea/dz 36" Gray/Red Canvas Back
#652104 ea/dz 48" Gray/Blue Canvas Back
#651841 ea/dz 60" Gray/Gray Canvas Back
#652217 ea/dz 72" Gray/Gray Canvas Back

#652210 ea/dz 18" Gray/Blue Hook-and-Loop
#652100 ea/dz 24" Gray/Blue Hook-and-Loop
#652212 ea/dz 36" Gray/Blue Hook-and-Loop








Handles & Bases


Microfiber Handles & Bases
Microfiber Handles and Bases have a sleek design that allows liquid to run off, preventing the growth of bacteria. The flat base prevents pooling when applying finish and is constructed from lightweight aluminum. Bases attach to the wet or dust pads by new plastic teeth and can swivel to provide a greater range of use. Extension handle can extend from 33" to 72" for high reaching.

#652122 each Extension Handle
#652124 each Mop Holder for 13" Pad
#652120 each Mop Holder for 18" Pad
#652121 each Mop Holder for 24" Pad
#652123 each Mop Holder for 36" Pad 





Traditional Metal Dust Mop Handles & Bases

Base made of chrome-plated, heavy-gauge steel rods designed to fit traditional canvas back dust mop heads. To be used with Snap-on Wood Handle.

#651171 each 60" Snap-on Wood Handle
#650822 each 5" x 24" Metal Dust Mop Base
#650832 each 5" x 36" Metal Dust Mop Base
#650842 each 5" x 48" Metal Dust Mop Base