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Carpet Spotters


WAXIE-Green Encapsulating Carpet Spotter

Ready-to-use product that is perfect for general-purpose spotting of a wide range of spots. The products encapsulation technology combines unique crystalline polymers that provide the cleaning power to emulsify dry and oily soils, while encapsulating left over residue for dry vacuum recovery. #1070662 


WAXIE Hip Shot Carpet Spotter

Aerosol, heavy-duty, general-purpose, carpet spotter for most stains, has a unique “up-side down’’ nozzle for quick application without bending or blotting. #1070740


Folex Spotter

Ready-to-use, general-purpose spotter for all types of spots. Can be used on carpet, walls, clothing, vinyl, woodwork and upholstery (quarts include two sprayers per case). #1070400

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Revitalize™ Miracle Spotter

Special twin cartridge design blends active components on the spot, providing results not available with single component chemistry. Ideal for the ìunknownî spot. Use on all carpet types. #1071201


Orange-Sol (De-Solv-it) Multi-Use Solvent

Safe solvent removes grease, tar, gum, oil, crayon, wax, label residue and most oil-soluble stains. #1078030


Lift Off #1 Stain Remover

Low VOC, water-based and biodegradable. Designed to be used on those everyday stains that we all encounter. Removes tough stains such as coffee, pet stains, blood, grass, wine and more from virtually any surface. #1071123

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Lift Off #2 Tape & Stain Remover

Low/no VOC formula. Effective for virtually all grease, gum, oily and adhesive problems on carpet, fabric, hard surfaces, vinyl, metal, tile and more! #1071133

Lift off3 Pen Ink Marker Remover

Lift Off #3 Pen, Ink & Marker Remover

Works on tough food and beverage stains, including fruit punch red wine, fruit juice and red soft drinks. Can be used for cold or hot transfer stain removal. Colorless with a mild scent. #1071143


Hocus Pocus® Spotter

This revolutionary general-purpose spotter makes spots disappear like magic! It is effective on fabric, carpet, upholstery and most washable surfaces. Simply lock the refill two-pack of different concentrate bottles into a color coded trigger sprayer. #1070700

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