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The Essential Guide to Touch-Free Restroom Solutions

Restrooms are one of the most challenging areas for a facility manager and the janitorial staff to keep clean and well maintained. There is also no other area in your facility that has the single greatest impact on your customers, guests and staff. 

The ability to wash, dry and sanitize your hands without touching anything is invaluable, and these devices have never been more vital in combating the spread of germs, increasing hygiene, and improving building occupant wellness.

In this guide you will learn the 6 essential dispensing options within a restroom that can be greatly improved with touch-free technology:

1. Menstrual Care Dispensers

2. Seat Cover Dispensers

3. Automatic Flush & Automatic

4. Hand Soap Dispenser Systems

5. Paper Towel Dispenser Systems

6. Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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PPC Touch Free Restroom Essentials