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WAXIE Sanitary Supply is a company rich in family history, strong in company values, and rooted in industry commitment.

WAX FamilyWAXIE is a story of success, of three generations achieving the American dream, and the result of hard work and dedication. WAXIE prides itself on the legacies of its founders, and in the loyalty, hard work and steadfastness of its employees.

WAXIE Sanitary Supply has enjoyed tremendous growth over 65 years by serving and adjusting to the needs of the customers, investing in technology, and by constructing the finest facilities in the industry. But it is truly the loyal employees behind the scenes who understand the WAXIE way. These are the people who are dedicated, who care, and who benefited from the veterans who went before them. These are the folks who have passed down the “secret” code of conduct, and who have embraced a unique and distinctly American opportunity, to call WAXIE home.

WAXIE Sanitary Supply employs over 800 people and is still family owned.

 “We don’t plan on changing things that work. We need to stay responsive to our customers’ needs and focus on the future. We are willing to continuously invest in the future – in our people and our facilities, and new innovative products and technology.”  – Charles Wax.