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Check Out the New Web@Work

WAXIE web@work provides you with access to the information that makes ordering supplies and managing your account easier. Click here to access the new Web@Work

  • Online SDS – Important right-to-know information right at your fingertips
  • Real-Time Order Status – Focus in on the status of the orders on your account
  • Analyze Usage Information – Review your average monthly product usage
  • Online Ordering – WAXIE web@work makes ordering your cleaning supplies quick and easy
  • Shopping Lists – Make online ordering even quicker by customizing your list of products
  • Online Catalog – Real-time access to the most up-to-date product information
  • Product Availability – Put our inventory at your fingertips

The new website is available now and can be found at http://shop.waxie.com.  Your current user ID and password are available on the new website.  Here are some of the new features: 

  • Complete redesign for an easy shopping experience
  • Enhanced searching
  • Faster response and stability
  • User session information available
  • Previous shopping lists transferred to the new site
  • Previous orders and product history available 

Important: If you are currently using Approvers in WAXIE Web@Work it is important that all your users transition to the new website at the same time.  This will ensure a smooth ordering process with all orders for approval in the new website. 

We have also included training documentation for you to access once you have logged into the new website.  It can be found in the upper right corner under the yellow heading of “New Website Documentation.”  It includes a new Quick Reference Guide and a Website Changes document that compares the differences and enhancements between the current website and the new website. 

If you have questions regarding the new WAXIE Web@Work, you may contact your WAXIE Account Consultant or the WAXIE Help Desk at (800) 544-8054, ext. 304 or 662.

Download the WAXIE Web@Work brochure here.